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About Sabre Software Design

We have been helping businesses get the most out of their CRM systems since 1997. We keep up on the cutting edge of technology and training to ensure we can give you the latest and greatest when it comes to the perks of having a CRM system.


Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that your data is as optimized as it can possibly be. From training you on the software, to using 3rd party applications to manage your data, to creating taskbars for the way your people work and much more, our ultimate goal is to have you think of something and have it appear on your strategic action list. While we aren't quite there yet, we have developed some great tools that get you very close, including taskbars that let your people enter data the way they are used to and have the information auto-populate their GoldMine fields. We perform a discovery session where we map out your staff's workflow. We then build the CRM software based on how they work so we can get them to be as productive as possible. We use some of the best software when helping with your workflow including:

  • GoldMine CRM
  • GoldMine Mobile
  • QuoteWerks
  • GoldBox
  • InaPort
  • MasterMine
  • + MORE!

With offices in San Diego, San Jose, and Phoenix, we have an office near you where we can faciliate training and discovery sessions. We also facilitate training online, so we can serve people internationally when it comes to their CRM customizations.