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GoldMine Training

We Have The Training You Need

Chances are, wherever you work or whatever type of team you are on, you were trained on how to do what you do. Training is an important factor in learning. It shortens the learning curve and speeds up the process of understanding the systems.

But all training is not created equal.

People learn differently. Some people can hear something and know it. Others have to see it. Others have to feel it. If you are a visual learner, listening to a recording on how to do something is not going to help you. If you are a hands on learner, watching a training video won't really make a permanent impact on how you work.

When asked, most people do not know what type of learning best suits their style. So most people do not get the type of training they need, simply because they do not know which type maximizes their learning. Although training is a great way to ensure that people work the way you want them to, it can be an expensive investment. Sending an employee through training but not being sure they are getting everything they can out of it is a gamble.

At Sabre Software, we take the steps needed to ensure that our training is as effective as we can make it, both in cost and in information transfer. Owner Barbara Blackwell has worked in the HR and Insurance fields, so she knows the best ways people will learn. When she started Sabre Software Design, she knew she wanted to create a training package that suits all types of students and pocketbooks.

Our GoldMine training package includes 4 levels of training:

  • Basic GoldMine Training: This class will show your team member how to successfully navigate GoldMine, schedule and complete calls, next actions and appointments, as well as create filters and groups, write letters and create emails.
  • Admin I: This class is the first of our admin series class. It covers how to set up users correctly with permissions, as well as the best practices that go along with setting up a user. It also covers setting up fields and views correctly, and setting up word and email templates.
  • Admin II: The second installment in our admin series is all about making your data work. It will cover organizing, editing and manipulating your data. We teach on all the GoldMine tools as well as the best practices to use to keep your data safe.
  • Admin III: The last class in our admin series class. This class is 3 hours of personal coaching. You and your instructor will focus on the Advanced GoldMine features that will make the most difference for your installation. Some companies need automated processes; others want to focus on queries, reports or programming custom routines to integrate your databases. We will work with your student and decide what is the best investment of your advanced coaching session.

We also ensure that our training environment suits everyone. Our training classes never have more than 5 students per class. This ensures that each student can get the best attention from our trainers and there are fewer distractions in the room. Trainings are usually 2 hours long with an hour of questions. We feel this is the optimal time for learning. Any less and the training is not worth the money. Any longer and the students will lose attention quickly. We also provide a wide screen laptop during the training for the students to get hands on practice on our demo database. Don't take a chance with your GoldMine and let newbies practice on your live database. They get a chance to get hands on learning without risking your critical data.

So whether your staff learns by hearing, seeing, or doing, we cover all aspects in our training. We have the staff and the equipment to ensure that your employees get the most out of the training. Check out our online training page and get more information on the training. Once the purchase is complete, one of our trainers will contact you to schedule your next step.

As always, feel free to call our office if you want to talk to a live person about the training we offer. Our toll free phone number is 877-297-3444 and hit extension 1 to talk to our sales team.