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We help companies automate their key customer related business strategies.

Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM) projects have a dismal success rate. Gartner Group suggests that less than 20% of implementations are actively in use a year later. Our experience has shown us that while most companies can successfully achieve a “rolodex” functionality on their own, achieving the loftier goals of true sales force automation and an effective customer management system requires documentation of a company’s actual current processes as a necessary starting point.

We regularly facilitate these sessions for new and existing clients wishing to fast-track an implementation. Our consultants use a variety of tools and techniques to ensure the team stays focused so the session will not only yield a realistic team understanding of what actually happens task-to-task within their organizations but also produce an achievable action plan of the way the team should be operating. Because we have worked with many companies in this capacity, we can typically complete interviews of a sales and customer service team as a group in half a day. (Our largest interview group was 70 sales, customer service and implementation team members from a medical services company.)

We are able to leave an immediate action plan for the team to begin with, while we produce documentation that:

  • Illustrates our understanding of the company’s best practices
  • Profiles the most appropriate software to automate the process
  • Illustrates how each department will use the software on a daily basis
  • Documents what specific data will be collected by the system
  • Illustrates what reports the management team will be using daily and weekly
  • Describes the actual steps and costs required to implement and then transfer the skills necessary to maintain the program to our client’s own support team

This protocol allows our clients to first test our understanding of how their company works (Heaven forbid, we automate the wrong procedure!) to do a sanity check on whether their team will actually use the software as we recommend, preview and edit the data collection and reporting requirements before any software purchase or programming expense has been incurred. Also, many of our clients have staffers capable of taking this decision document and producing the desired design on their own or with minimal coaching. Some clients have elected us to supervise their staffer in actually making all the customizations on their own. While this takes a little more time and a few more dollars initially, it significantly reduces or may even eliminate the need for additional programming or technical support costs in the future. While we are always available for support, we believe having a “power user” on your staff will improve your company’s odds of a “power system” that your team will happily embrace.

Our navigation classes, complimentary to clients who purchase software, help you orient new team members and allow your power users inexpensive opportunities to increase their skill set with our software packages. We offer project implementation and management support from start to finish. We receive high marks from our clients for being responsive and generous in our support. Our consultants are creative and respectful of your data, the confidentiality of your key systems, and most importantly, your pocketbook!

Give us a call to discuss your company’s unique situation – we look forward to being of service! 877-297-3444